I have the latest ZAForcefield sitting behind a Fritzbox router.
I have just noticed that port 443 is OPEN...all other ports stealthed.

I have used the same setup in UK behind a Netgear router and ALL ports
are stealthed. I have just had the firmware updated on the Fritzbox ..
could this be a clue...also the Fritzbox is setup for Voip...could this be using 443 (SSL port)...however, what really puzzles me is HOW the ZAForcefield firewall could be breached without interference of any kind by
me.... I have just done a clean re-instal to try to close the breach, but no joy!!!

Also after using Steve Gibson's Decombobulater...pings get a response too...but not on the UK Netgear setup which is without Voip....chzzz jakpoll