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Thread: ZA Pro installation Problems

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    MingMercury Guest

    Default ZA Pro installation Problems

    Upon being advised that I had a download available, I proceeded to download the file and run. An error message came back and Vista proceeded to investigate. The suggested solution was to contact McAfee, a virus program that is not installed on my system. I have Kaspersky, so far have been satisifed but do suspect some keylogger problems. Now McAfee has no solution to provide to advise me on how to get around this. When I download and save the update it comes back as corrupted.

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    robertmharvey Guest

    Default Re: ZA Pro installation Problems

    Hi just to say I have the same problem on Sony Vaio running Vista. No problem with Dell PC running XP.

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    MingMercury Guest

    Default Re: ZA Pro installation Problems

    Imagine the pros are off for the weekend, and yes it has become annoying. The update notice constantly pops up and yes, I have been a loyal ZA user, found it to be great for stealth, but with just over a 120 days left on the license wondering if they will credit me the days if I purchase the 2010 version today?

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    martinhall Guest

    Unhappy Re: ZA Pro installation Problems

    i have exactly the same problem
    ihave tried using the za removal tool and als removed other security programs from my computer and still get the same response.

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