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Thread: Virtual data issues - data loss- HELP

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    Default Virtual data issues - data loss- HELP

    I am hoping someone can help me. I have Zone Alarm Extreme Security and had the Force Field turned on and updated to Firefox 3.5 and I had an add in called ZOtero with all of my saved webpages and book marks. Somehow this has all gone, my firefox profile has reverted to my old one (with no add on detail) and all my research saved by the add on into the library it builds(two months out from submitting PhD) has dissappeared. And my back up appears to only have this old profile and library too with none of my research in it.

    This add on has a sqlite database as well as creating a folder called storage where it saves things underneath the firefox profile. All my stuff is gone from there. I think the library from my add on got somehow 'stuck' in the virtualisation instead of on my PC.

    I need to find out where Virtual Data is stored. Can anyone help me?
    Does anyone know if it changes the file types, names, folders etc?.
    I also need to find out if this data can be recovered or restored (and no I don't have the online backup). Or whether I need to look at getting my drive forensically imaged but I'm not sure how this will go if the virtual data has been cleared?

    If anyone has any suggestions I'd be really grateful to hear them since I'm beside myself and I don't even know what file type extensions ZA puts virtual data into to search for it, or where it might be stored. It literally all seems to have disappeared.

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    virtual data is stored in encrypted form, so you cannot access it. On the other hand it is not clear what exactly you have done. There basic rules you have to follow to have FF working without problem with ForceField are:

    1. Reset Firefox as indicated here:

    2. Before installing any updates to firefox or add-on, you need to turn off ForceField otherwise you will install it in the virtual data.

    3. Clean your virtual data from time to time.

    For the rest you may want to contact support to see if there is anything you can do to recover your data.


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