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I posted a message a week ago about problems with a conflict regarding Windows Security Alerts telling me I had no firewall running when I did indeed have ZASS up and running and up to date.

I received a reply which fixed the issue. This was to shut down ZASS and restart it, and this works fine.

However since then, every time I reboot my machine the same thing happens, so every time I reboot I have to shut down ZASS then restart it. This is a pain, and I don't like to have no firewall running, even if it is just for a few seconds!

Is there a more permanent fix for this? I've just upgraded ZASS to the same version on my 32-bit Vista Home Premium system, and now have the same issue on that machine. So there is evidently some basic problem here.

I thought it was just moving to a 64-bit OS that was the problem, but it seems not. It's as if ZASS is starting up too quickly, and when it registers itself with Windows, Windows is not as yet ready, so doesn't get the message.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Ali Smith
After trying the cpes_clean tool, and the SecurityCenterReset tool I still have problems.
How are you getting on?