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Thread: Recurring log entries - Important?

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    Angry Recurring log entries - Important?


    The pc is running XA Extreme security ver

    Since reinstallation when upgrading/license renewal, I am seeing repeating outbound entries; they originate from my computer and are attempting to connect at port 80 on various IP addresses owned by my ISP, Road Runner.

    If the blocked attempts were inbound, I would have no concern; however, since they are outbound on different ports, it begs the question of whether RR has installed an application on the local pc that is triggering the connection attempts.

    I would appreciate any constructive thoughts or feedback.


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    Default Re: Recurring log entries - Important?

    Welcome to the ZA Use Forum..

    This is something that you need to discuss with your RoadRunner ISP..

    I have 4 Desktop computers behind a Linksys Broadband-G router that is connected to a TimeWarner Road Runner Modem, so the Router blocks most of that Background chatter..

    I think what you are seeing is that your ISP is checking on your Connection status and the RR web-site also offers lots of other features to RR clients like Weather stats, News and I'M data.. Your ISP may have signed you up for..?

    Just login to your RR account and check your setting on the ISP RR Page and Turn off all the Bloat features that you don't want..
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