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hello frebna,
I have the same red/withe Flashing Ico, did you ever figure it out? What is the answer?

to the Zone Alarm User Forum..

It is Sometimes very Difficult to Diagnose and fix a Computer from halfway across the Country, without All the Details, without the ability to sit in front of your Computer monitor and see what's going on..

If you would Describe your Computer Setup/Windows OS Version and Version of Zone Alarm that you are having a problem with
and what difficulty you are having

When Reporting a Problem, it is PREFERED that you Start your Very Own Trend..

As a matter of Curtsey and to provide the Best solution to each Users problem,
the Guideline Rules,ask each User to
Please start their own thread. And start only 1 thread for each problem.

This insures that each User receives a solution specific to their on Problem, When other user like yourself interject your own problem into the discussion of somebody else's problem, any advice or solution to your problem would confuse and may conflict with the solution to the Originating Users problem..