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Thread: Firefox won't load?

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    oobe Guest

    Unhappy Firefox won't load?

    The following error comes up when I try to run firefox and it has an issue with ZAFF?
    Firefox.exe -entry point not found.
    The procedure entry point JS_SetCheckObjectAccessCallback could not be located in the dynamic link library js3250.dll.

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    chrislay Guest

    Default Re: Firefox won't load?

    I get a similar message but it is slightly different:
    The procedure entry point js_SaveRegExpStatics could not be located in the dynamic link library js3250.dll

    The strange thing is, that when I am using the Admin account, Firefox works just fine. It is only when I am in my regular user account that this error comes up when trying to run Firefox.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this happens in a regular user account, but not admin?

    XP SP3
    Firefox 3.54
    ZAE, TV, Driver =
    AV/*** engine, DAT 996376128

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    oobe Guest

    Unhappy Re: Firefox won't load?

    Admin Firefox will not load for me, but limited account will? You'd think it would be the other way round?

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