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Thread: Forcefield and Windows 7

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    johna Guest

    Default Forcefield and Windows 7

    The current version of Forcefield has compatability issues with Windows 7 according to Microsoft compatability checker. Are there plans to release a version that is compatabile with Windows 7?

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    sorry no ZA staff here, only users. You may want to try to contact ZA customer support. Link in my signature.


    Click here for ZA Support
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    phoenixgtr Guest

    Default Re: Forcefield and Windows 7

    Johna, did you ever get an answer from tech support? Please post if so...thanks.

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    dabbler45 Guest

    Default Re: Forcefield and Windows 7

    Likewise! Trying out Win 7 (64Bit) and having a few probs with ZA Ext Security. When I click on browser security it just keeps telling me that Forcefield is starting. Doesn't change it's state at anytime and I cant stop it either. Anyone with a suggestion apart from throwing this flakey s/w out!

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