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Thread: Clickteam Installers "Malicious"

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    Default Clickteam Installers "Malicious"

    I've noticed over the past week that ZA has started flagging every Clickteam installer as malicious, even installers that have been around for a few years and have never caused trouble before.

    If I save the file, right-click and "scan with ZA", it comes up clean. I then open and run the installer and check all contents with ZA, it comes up clean.

    Is ZA just flagging all installers as possible security threats?
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    Default Re: Clickteam Installers "Malicious"

    is it probably doing something that also malware do. If you click on "Click here for details" you will get an explanation on why.

    If you downloaded from official sites then it is obviously safe. I would just ignore the warning, the heuristics scanning check for potential malicious behavior and, of course, it can generate false positives.


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