Using ZA Antivirus (v9.0)

I have the program control slider set to maximum and (after pressing the custom button next to it) in the OSFirewall tab of the "Custom Program Control Settings" window, the Enable OSFirewall option is ticked, and the "change hosts file" option is set to "ask" with the blue question mark.

The problem is, that when the hosts file is edited, ZA just lets it through without asking. Even when I set it to deny (big red X) it does exactly the same.

The OSFirewall logfile registers the change when I edit the hosts file, but has it as "allowed" and down as a "personal policy."

Call me a bluff old traditionalist, but if I set the policy to ask, shouldn't ZA ask me if the edit is allowed and not just allow it and register the edit as allowed due to personal policy?

Am I missing something here? Any advice will be greatly appreciate