I have a Windows XP Pro computer running Outlook 2003 and ZASS Over the last few weeks - first noted Sept. 23 - I intermittently can't retrieve email using Outlook - I get the error that the POP3 server isn't responding. Rebooting the computer solves the problem but wotta pain.

I'm reasonably sure it's a ZASS problem for 2 reasons: the first time I fixed it, with help from Earthlink tech support, it was by turning off email protection in ZASS and then shutting Outlook down and restarting it. That only worked once; the next time (Oct. 1) I did a database reset (fine except that the desktop hung after the reboot and I had to power the system down hard) and that worked for several days. Now the problem is back.

I was considering upgrading, but frankly, after some of the stuff I've read about 9.x I'm not sure I want to upgrade to it. It sounds as though they have dumped the excellent junk mail filter and are letting you rely on Outlook's junk mail filter, which is totally useless. I'd be happy to have someone explain why I'm wrong about this, but that's what I thought I read.

First, is this POP3 issue a known problem and is there something I'm missing about fixing it? Second, is it still possible to upgrade to 8.0.400.020, or is 9.x the only upgrade option?

Thanks as always for your expertise.