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Thread: Free ZP error

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    Hootsey Guest

    Default Free ZP error

    Every time I try to submit my order for ZA for free, I get the error 'One or more fields in the request contain invalid data: [(totalGrand)]' has anyone else had this problem. The grand total of my order is 0.00, that shouldn't be an issue should it?

    Actually, the error message has now changed to: 'Failed to place order. Please check the order's details.' My order details are fine, has anyone actually bought this and paid 0.00 without having to puchase something else at the same time to make it actually cost something?
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    naivemelody Guest

    Question Re: Free ZP error

    Click here > < and read carefully.

    You need to: click special link only once, enter email, if successful you will be sent an email which has key and download instructions, check your email box; and then please read my first ^ post again.

    I'm assuming you are trying for the 'free' ZA Pro and not ZA Free.
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    Hootsey Guest

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    Thanks for the info, but I was doing it right. I'm in the UK and for some reason the only card it would accept of mine was American Express with the currency being US dollars.

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