I tried to upgrade from ZA Pro to ZA PRO with a simple upgrade without uninstalling of the old version. I'm not sure if I unchecked the "start ZA on restart" and I got a lot of ****. Reboots are slow or frozen, getting a lot of error messages, apps not opening in the system tray, and so on. Many times I have to start Win (XP Sp3) in latest stable configuration. One of the common error messages is that ZA has detected a problem with stability and I am required to submit an error report. I also get error messages about IE, gusvc, jqs.exe, status database dll, Windows genuine advantage notification, and more. After many slow reboots ZA 9 finally comes up but there are error messages as mentioned. Should I uninstall using the tool mentioned in GeorgeV's post and then reinstall? if I do that, what about all the preferences? Other security apps:
Avira AntiVir, Win Patrol, Win Defender, Ad-Aware