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Thread: New Zonealarm pro free download

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    darrenjytt Guest

    Default New Zonealarm pro free download

    So i downloaded the new Free zonealarm pro it gave a 24 hour free download.

    And basicly i installed it and now when i open my internet and try to got o any site my full OS crash's on me ive tryed to install a few times with same problem, It says i only have til the end of today to use the free installation so any help as fast as possible would be great

    OS is Windows xp

    i have 2x 3.00 gb ram nivada geforce 9800 and enough room for ZL so it shouldent be the comp


    I also forgot to say that i dont even get to use my
    activation number, because i cant load up my email and get it.
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    laurentiu Guest

    Default Re: New Zonealarm pro free download

    If it's free maybe it should not work? I am having the same problem here. I am on Vista.
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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: New Zonealarm pro free download

    Both of you, if you have been sent the email with license key from Zonelabs then your half way in, good. The key is critical (at least if you want it free). When you have a valid key sent, you have more time to install ZA Pro, so don't worry about that yet.
    __________________________________________________ __
    Both of you or anyone else with similar installs issues...

    Click here and read carefully >

    1- please post back with your complete pc details:

    -OS - XP SP2/ 3, Vista SP 1/2, Windows 7

    - please list complete security software currently on pc - firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware (exact version), software monitors, etc. [ now, if you still have a firewall by another brand (excluding Microsoft/ Windows firewall) > you need to "properly" un-install the firewall especially if you had a "suite"= firewall, anti-virus, anti-spy, etc. If you have Norton or McAfee suite please list.

    When installing...

    - whether you use IE 7/8, Firefox, etc. for the install ( it's better to use IE7 or 8 instead of Firefox, etc. )(if you have IE6 = no good, you need to upgrade to IE7 or 8). XP SP 2 or 3 required.

    - don't use 'download manager' or 'web accelerators' (some graphic cards have download managers which can interfere with installs, check it out)

    - whatever security software you do have, it can be helpful to 'temporarily' shut them off/ disable or lower the levels as you download/ install ZA Pro.

    - if you have Windows 7 - it is not officially released to the public until Oct. 22, 2009, ZA Pro may have some issues especially with 64 bit OS Vista/ Windows 7 (no 64 bit XP will ever be supported)

    - look at the system requirements for ZA Pro - there is a link within the first link above 71175 ^. 1 GB is usually required, it may still work with some XP at 512(?)

    - answer back if first time install of ZA firewalls or a former ZA user

    2- if you had a crash or incomplete install of ZA Pro - you will need to 'properly' un-install any left-over/ incomplete files ( look/ search boards for details - there is a 'ZA Removal Tool' available) before you attempt to install ZA Pro again - by now you will be better prepared.
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