Any advice for me out there?

For 3 years now I have had the ZASS, prior to that the free ZA. It is time for renewal, I have 17 days left.

I noticed on the renewal I have an option to get Extreme at no additional cost above the ZASS cost. Sounds good, but do I really need it and does it come with headaches?

I am somewhat a security nut and retired Data Center Manager from the State of Kansas. I don't seem to have many issues with ZASS, actually none last year. I don't like to be on what I call the bleeding edge, some call it the leading edge. I do a lot of very critical stuff via internet. Really really critical! I use FF with the noscript addon for a browser and XP pro which is current with all updates. Also run the free Malwarebytes. Do images (real images) of system every week. I have 4 GB main memory and 3.4 GHz processor. When Windows 7 SP1 comes out I plan on rebuilding system and going to it, although I really don't want to. My wife, the only other user of the PC has tolerated ZASS popup asking permission. A side note, I bet 95% of people I set up with ZA stop using it as they just don't want those pop up questions. Sad!

Now my question:
Do I really need anything in the Extreme package that won't be in ZASS?

I didn't proof read this and am a poor typist as well as speller. And on top of that I abuse the English language.