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    Question srescan.sys

    srescan.sys should be in system32\ZoneLabs\ but is absent.
    Consequence: Very slow boot, because file is not found.
    Is it necessary or just a forgotten legacy?
    Cannot delete the srescan-key in HKLM\system\CurrentControlSet\Services
    How can I correct this problem?
    Help appreciated!

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    Default Re: srescan.sys

    The same here in Pro - probable it's the spyware scan, now omitted.

    Maybe it can be deleted, when Zapro doesn't run.

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    Default Re: srescan.sys

    With ZA free 8, srescan is also loaded at boot, but is not needed. I was having intermittent problems with slow boot time and not all systray icons loading, due, I suspect to an incipient conflict with NAV 2010 (race conflict of startup items). So I decided to remove srescan to see if that would stabilise the system. The way I got rid of it was to disable srescan in device manager, then in safe mode, using regedit to delete the srescan service key (in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es). On Reboot, ZA works fine, in fact my Windows load time is reduced somewhat and all systray icons load properly (I only have four).

    EDIT: I've undone those changes and restored srescan, because TVdebug.log was growing at an alarming rate (13MB in one brief session). So maybe srescan is not only for antispyware?
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