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Thread: anti-keylogger causes conflict with Game

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    Angry anti-keylogger causes conflict with Game

    I can no logger game because of zonalrams anti-keylogger in order to even type once it engages I have to restart my computer a few times. I know how to disable this feature but why shoudl I disable a feature I paid for, and by all means zonealarm says it has no incompatibilities with my current games.
    So does anyone one know how I can get zonealarm to recognize the games im playing so it will not go into super mode and do this too all my programs making my computer unusable.

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    Default Re: anti-keylogger causes widespead death


    please report to ZA technical support. They may provide a fix in future versions of the antikelogger if they are aware of the sofyware that does not play nice with it. Report names and links to facilitate the troubleshooting.

    Link to support in my signature.


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