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Thread: Worst case scenario for a clean reinstall? > Follow Full Clean Install Instructions

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    Default Worst case scenario for a clean reinstall? > Follow Full Clean Install Instructions

    I want to make sure I’m adequately prepared for clean uninstall and reinstall of my ZA Pro. Here’s the history:

    I updated my ZA Pro 8.0.298 to 9.0.114 and ever since I am getting error messages on reboot. One error message is about ZA browser security – a problem with stability. Other messages involve errors with other applications : Google and Java updaters – gusvc and jqs.exe, NVIDIA driver helper, Windows genuine advantage notifications, IE needs to be closed because of errors (it is closed anyway upon booting) , status database (Dell printer app) and a problem with LogMeIn. System is up-to-date Win XP Pro SP3.
    Once I close all these error messages and the system finally boots up everything works normally.

    I was advised by Live Tech Support to uninstall my ZA Pro using the removal tool and to reinstall it. My question: With all these error messages regarding other apps, what is the worst case scenario that can happen when I do this clean reinstall, and how should I prepare for it?
    Other security apps:
    Avira AntiVir, WinPatrol, Windows Defender, Ad-Aware, Spybot (scan mode only.)


    The instruction for a clean install are below

    1. Download the latest ZA 13 (2015) version
    <== click here

    2. Remove your current ZA version (in XP use Windows add/remove programs/Windows 7/8 Uninstall a program)

    3. Remove other security tools installed. Use to double check no left overs are present.

    4. Clean your system and registry with the Free Ccleaner.exe
    free ccleaner <= click here

    5. Download to your desktop and run the ZA removal tool, <= click here
    now reboot computer after running ZA Removal tool.

    6. Now Install the latest ZA version without touching any default settings,
    and Do Not Restore Saved Settings from the old install.
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