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    Trying to make Google Chrome run better, downloaded Spyware Doctor, ran scan and it says it found 1 threat, 2 infections called Trojan.Downloader!ct. I ran update on ZA and then ran deep scan. It found nothing. Why does Spyware Doctor say it found this and ZA doesn't?
    Any ideas?
    Also has anyone seen any more on the threat called URLZone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mevad View Post
    Why does Spyware Doctor say it found this and ZA doesn't?
    False positive? Dead entry?
    Who knows...

    ZA can conflict with SD. Try to run one main tool. Do not pile up security tools one over the other. They will fight behind the scene for resources, memory and access, causing slow down, potential mulfunction and overall less security.


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    Thanks, I have turned of SD. Can someone tell me why I can no longer post?

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