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Thread: "Found An Unsecured Network..."

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    briandamage Guest

    Question "Found An Unsecured Network..."

    Hi everybody
    I've taken advantage of the ZA Pro freebie and am now running it on my Vista HPsp2.
    Everytime I switch on my wireless and connect to the internet thru my Talktalk modem (HG520b Huawe) I get a pop-up, "unsecured network detected". My options given are to keep it in the safe zone or the internet zone, here I am confused.
    Is this thing actually me? The IP addy seems to change daily, but so too does my addy.

    Also, following wikianswers and typing "ipconfig" into Command Prompt the IP addy is different (and fixed) to a general search, 'what's my IP addy', via google. What's going on?

    The ZA pop-up allows my to name the new network and configure it, but i'm not sure how to handle this.

    Thanks for any feedback

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    briandamage Guest

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    Any thoughts gents?

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    briandamage Guest

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