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Thread: New network discovered

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    rcooley Guest

    Question New network discovered

    Every time I restart my PC I am prompted to add a new network into into a zone. This is the same network I created in the initial configuration.

    I have reset the database as discusse din one the the previous threads and allowed auto discovery and manual configuration but I get the same results with the same network.



    Windows XP Pro
    ZAES 9

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    briandamage Guest

    Default Re: New network discovered

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: New network discovered

    rcooley, open ZA > firewall > main > advanced > network settings ~ try 'include networks in the trusted zone upon detection'

    Click here >

    and click here >

    and click here >

    Additional considerations:
    - sometimes the router needs to be 'reset'
    - right click ZA tray icon > click "Help" = this is your User Guide - offers basic settings for connections with ZA.

    Also do a 'search' for "new network" and read thru past posts - pay attention to Guru's posts like Fax, GeorgeV, Oldsod, etc.
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    briandamage, sorry no one got to answer you - there are too many variables with someone's wireless connections issues - some things can't be explained by type over net but really needs to be carefully examined at your real pc set-up, anyhow, read thru the links/ suggestions from above.
    Wireless - you need to secure your router/ modem/ network especially if you live in an urban area or neighbors who can also have wireless devices, etc.
    Finally, both of you - I don't have a router/ wireless/ network - I just have a single desktop with slow dial-up and really have no experience with these matters - so I can not offer or answer much more, but I did collect some general/ basic knowledge within the links above - hopefully can be of some assistance, if not you can go to either Fax or GeorgeV's posts and use the ZA tech links for some assisatance.
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    Sidenote: Anybody with Time Warner modem router - Wi-Fi - click here >
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    naivemelody Guest

    Exclamation Re:Update: Loss of WI-FI connection with 9.1

    Click here >
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    We are researching a problem with only where after you have installed and your system goes into Standby or Hibernate mode, that after it resumes or wakes you no longer have a WI-FI connection.

    A resolution is to reboot your PC and in some cases rebooting does not fix issue.

    If you have this problem with your WI-FI connection with please reply to this post and we might email you directly and ask that you perform some troubleshooting and log gathering for us so we can try and find the root of this issue.

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