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    I am curious about FF. What does FF do? Virtualization is one thing FF can do to protect your browser. But, what else can it do and how does it do it? For instance: ZL says it protects your pc from keyloggers. How? Does that require virtualization too?

    Can anybody clear this up for me?

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    Click here > < click on other tabs/ links - FAQS, etc.

    and click here >

    The Anti-keylogger is separate and it works. Go to ForceField board and read thru - several posts from users who 'purposely' install keylogging/ monitoring software like parental watching software > have problems with it working with ForceField active, so it works. I'm not going to get technical over how it works, it does.

    My personal opinion: if you use IE7/8 - ForceField is a big improvement in browsing security. By it's design - going beyond standard signature scanning or heuristics - it improves regular browsing - no secret downloads trying to install malware or zero-day threats; ForceField does have some quirks and work-arounds - if you can operate within FF's parameters - it's benefit outweigh the quirks.
    One of the latest trends is the 'scareware/ fake anti-virus/ rogue software' that pop-up - I've seen two different pop-up on my pc with ForceField on- all I need to do is close the browser and clear virtual data and there are no 'real infection' of my pc - no more pop-ups of that same 'fake malware.'
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