I suspect ZA is corrupting downloaded set-up files meant to update existing programs on my system. The couple I've tried lately, including the update the Checkpoint-initiated message to update my ZA Extreme Security (, have resulted in (I suspect) corrupted files that typically come up with a box inviting me to choose a program to open the file when I double click on the set-up icon on my desktop where I saved it. I also get error messages like 'Cannot open patch. Refer to program vendor'.

I've been trying to resolve the ZA update download problem with Checkpoint Technical support with no success so far after implementing three separate fix attempts. The latest attempt to run a system advisor for MS Windows 7 resulted in another 'select a program to open the file' after downloading, leading me to believe something - probably ZA - is corrupting the downloads so that the OS doesn't recognise them as files it can open. I'm running Pentium dual coreprocessor 2.4 with 1gb of RAM and 128gb free memory space. OS is Win XP SP3.

Any suggestions most welcome.