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    Will try to keep it simple:
    I have 2 hard drives.
    One I use ONLY for banking. It only gets connected online to visit my bank pages.
    Drive two is for general surfing.
    They are both in data express trays and get selected based on banking/surfing.
    They both have Zone alarm installed and have been working fine for a very long time.

    All of a sudden I am getting alerts on BOTH drives saying:
    Internet explorer is trying to access the trusted zone.
    ID:unknown signed
    Destination ip: ( these are different at different times ) here is a selection:
    127.0.01 port5152 http http

    On one drive only, I also get a red alert saying, internet explorer maybe trying to copy keystrokes,aswell,which I always DENY

    This has all happened in the last week and on both drives , without me doing anything different.
    As it is on both drives, could it be some kind of auto download from windows which has happened without me knowing ( I have it set on: advise me before downloading )

    Would be very grateful if someone could put my mind at rest.
    Have updated and scanned with no problems shown, by the way.
    Thanks for being there.
    Best regards Moffy

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    IExplore is Internet expplorer. It is normal for it to monitor keystrokes, as it needs to do so for autocomplete of e.g. addresses you type in.
    It is also OK to give it access to the trusted zone. is your loopback, i.e to files on your own PC. That should be in your trusted zone.
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    moffy Guest

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    Thanks so much for your reply jr, I now have confidence again .....but why would it have suddenly started giving me new alerts after such a long time ...what will have changed?

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