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Thread: Unable to post new thread at Installation Forum

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    eliuri Guest

    Question Unable to post new thread at Installation Forum


    I've been trying to begin a thread on the : Zone Alarm Installation Forum for several days now. When I click on: "Submit New Thread", I'm told that my post went through, that it will be seen shortly after being reviewed by an Administrator. But the post doesn't show even after waiting for several days.

    Suggestions on how to remedy this?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Unable to post new thread at Installation Forum

    eliuri, this new forum has a couple of quirks for posting...
    - time - generally has a short time limit before you need to re-log/ sign-in again to finally post if you take too long
    - length - generally has a short limit; if you type beyond a certain length you will get that ~ '...must be/will be approved by moderator before...' (which is just the "forum's parameter" preventing long write up's <> this is auto set by the forum's internal settings the machine at work; no humans involved or 'making decisions/ approving' here - understand )
    - no more than 4 'smiley' icons
    - limit on how many hyper-links you post within text

    __________________________________________________ __
    1) Shorten your post; keep the essential info.

    2) After typing in...with your mouse > left click and hold ~ over your posting > scroll over entire post till you see it "blue back background"= this is a copy - till completely covered > now anywhere within blued area > right click > see dialogue box ~ click "Copy"= this is your copy.

    Ready to Post...
    Once you get that "... until reviewed by a Moderator..." , you may again need to sign-in again, now ready to post (you now have complete copy of your original posting) > right click in your post > and click "Paste"

    If still too long...> but wait the forum's internal settings doesn't like the length ( or other reasons) of your post so now...paste entire text and "delete" the last half portion of your post (with your mouse) > ~ "Submit" > you now have the first portion of your post {to get past the length limit} in forum > now go to "Edit" > and now click 'Paste' again to "re-submit" your original "copied" post ( remember to now 'delete the first portion{with your mouse}; while keeping the last half) > and "Submit"
    __________________________________________________ _________

    Summary: you may need to "copy/ paste" and 'edit-in' portions of your long post.
    If you have a short/ medium post but took long to post; copy and paste entire post and re-sign-in again > you can paste entire post without deleting anything > one simple copy/ paste.

    It is advisable to always list: whenever posting here...
    - your OS - XP SP2/3, Vista SP1/2 , Windows 7 - 32bit or 64 bit OS

    - your ZoneAlarm firewall: ZA Free, ZA Pro, ZA Anti-virus, ZA Suite, ZA Extreme or stand-alone ForceField

    - and the version number of your ZoneAlarm firewall: 7.0483, 7.1, 8.065, 8.0298, 9.0.083, 9.1.008, etc.

    __________________________________________________ _________
    NaiveMelody NYC - 10-23-09 - rage against the machine
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    eliuri Guest

    Default Re: Unable to post new thread at Installation Forum

    Hi there, naivemelody:

    Was actually a a medium length post, with no smileys or hyperlinks. Was all cut n it is a tad baffling

    Let me try it there again. an even shorter version thereof ...

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