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Thread: CPU use of 14-20% when PC is resting

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    Raffek Guest

    Default CPU use of 14-20% when PC is resting

    Hello everybody. First time in here. Frustrated because I can't send one email to support. There's no address. When I click on link, I just end up in a loop and I get no where. Trying to email the webmaster - there's no email address there either. I just had to vent that... What support?

    Right - I had two live Chats with support, but that did not solve the problem. So that's why I want to send an email to someone that knows what I am talking about and takes it serious.

    Finally - here's the problem. About 3 days before my subscription went out, there was an update available. I installed it, but I got problems ZA telling me there was an update all the time. I installed the same update twice or trice, still getting the popup to install the update. I set it to not tell me for 60 days. Suddenly there is another update available and I install that and this popup is gonners.

    But - with last install, my CPU is running 14-20% constantly, when the PC is at rest. I follow the tips I get from Live Chat, to Reset ZA. Still same problem. Then I get to close every program on the PC and only run ZA with True Vector. Still same problem occurs with cpu use. Must be something in ZA that makes this...

    So now I uninstall ZA(even if they do not reccomend it) and then I make a clean install. Still same problem with CPU.... Been trying for several days to solve it and now I am way too frustrated with this.... Hopefully some understand my point here...

    So does anyone heard of this problem or know a solution to this problem? May there be a some kind of update file on this - to install? Live Chat only had the tip left, to reinstall ZA. Then there was no more help to get. Anyone else got this problem with the cpu - or am I alone on this one?

    Cheers - and keep smiling

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    eyesineyes Guest

    Default Re: CPU use of 14-20% when PC is resting

    look it up in my thread. Hope it helps.

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    Raffek Guest

    Default Re: CPU use of 14-20% when PC is resting

    Thanks buddy - for now things have calmed down. No extra cpu power running on ZA.
    That debug file was way over 1GB and there was also a zipped file of 7mb.
    Hopefully this will work from now on and no more frustrating things.
    I did also sense a very hard work load on the hard disk, wondering what that was all about. I checked several options, as from some bad trojan or hijacked. I'm open for all kinds of things in my mind, because I heard of people experiancing problems with most things possible. So I ran a full virus check among other things - and came out clean on every task I did.
    So thanks very much for this buddy. It sure made me feel good again.
    (knock on wood hehe)


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