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Thread: Online Purchase Problem > You need to follow up with official support

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    Angry Online Purchase Problem > You need to follow up with official support


    I tend to be windy, so I hope all of the following information is worth reading in helping me resolve my dilemma.

    I was a user of Zone Alarm until last year, when my computer died. I have now had a new computer for several month4. Acer 2730, purchased in Thailand, where I live.

    So, starting this current adventure, I had nothing from Zonealarm on my computer

    (My home address on my account in the same as in 2008, in the US.)

    Today, I downloaded the Trial of Extreme Security. After installing it, I got a message that my trial had expired and that I could purchase the package. Liking what I have read recently about ZA, I placed the purchase, using Paypal. From what happened on Paypal, it looked like the purchase went through.

    However, upon speaking to Customer Service when I still couldn't get access to ZA (requesting a Key), I was informed they have no record of my purchase, only the old information from last year that I also can view by logging into my account.

    ONE IMPORTANT POINT. Chad, the help person, told me their Paypal record showed no payment. I then realized I had not recieved any email confirmation from Paypal of a payment being made. This all happened about five or six hours ago.

    One More thing. There is some sort of bug in my computer that often makes me shut it down (blue screen) after it sits idle for a while. Everything seems to function pretty well when I am using it. Being a fan of conspiracy explanations, I wondered if a bug is preventing me from getting ZA installed.

    Thank you very much for any help.
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    sorry no ZA staff here only users. You need to follow up with support, we can't really help on subscriptions, keys or licensing.


    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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