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    megaboz Guest

    Default Windows 7 Issue

    I had Windows 7 RC installed and I downloaded a version of ZOnealarm Extreme, it seemed to work well then all of a sudden my keyboard would start type from the top down on the keyboard no matter what letter I would hit. (E.g. Keep hitting the 'e' key and I would get `1234567890-=qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm,./ ) Using short cut keys seem to work like ctl-c, ctl-v, shift-insert. If I hold down a key when it is messing up I get the same key repeating it'self.

    I just installed Windows 7 Pro, and downloaded the altest version on Zone alarm, ZASPSetup_91_008_000_en.exe and it started doing it again after running for a while.

    Before I could shut down zonealarm and it would be back to normal but with the Win 7 Pro, that didn't seem to help.

    Anybody have any clues? I just have a regular PS2 keyboard, and I know the KB is not bad as the reboot I had to just do fixed the issue. ALso, I have used this KB on another computer for several hours and never had the issue before.

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    zooll Guest

    Default Re: Windows 7 Issue

    I had the same problem on when I had Vista-64bit installed with the previous version ZAX ( and

    For me ... I noticed this happened most often when I had Outlook2007 opened. Logging out and loggin back in seemed to cure the problem until the next time it appeared.

    I've not experienced this with Win7-64bit and ZAX

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    megaboz Guest

    Default Re: Windows 7 Issue

    I too have the 64 bit version. I noticed it with the previous release on ZA and current as well as both versions of windows 7 RC and actual.

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    hatmaam Guest

    Default Re: Windows 7 Issue


    There is a similar thread on this issue found under this category

    ZoneAlarm User Community > ZoneAlarm Forums > General - Questions that don't fit any other category

    I was also experiencing this using Vista 64-bit. His solution:

    "..go to ZA browser security section and turn off the antikeylogging feature (settings --> advanced).... reboot. Done..."

    He also suggested:

    "Keep reporting the issue to support, ZA staff does not monitor this board. We are all users here."

    I did as he suggested and so far (knocking on wood), the problem has not re-appeared for me.

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    IBJones Guest

    Smile Re: Windows 7 Issue

    Hi folks. I suspect this nay be a ZoneAlarm Extreme issue rather than Windows 7. I have recently updated to ZES v9.0.114.000 and (with at least 2 others) have a keyboard issue on Windows XP SP3. After a while logged in - minutes to hours - the keyboard chars go wrong. Typing a key gives the wrong char and repeatedly typing the same key gives a "qwertyuiop"... sequence. ZAE is a common factor between the 3 of us. Nothing on ZA Knowledgebase. Have logged this with Zonealarm, but so far refusing to reply to me! Did not have this problem with previous ZAE version.
    I'll try the above fix and see if it works on XP.
    Cheers, Ian.

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    Default Re: Windows 7 Issue

    Quote Originally Posted by IBJones View Post
    but so far refusing to reply to me!
    Its a known issue, disable the antikeylogging feature. Refuse what? There is an online chat. They can't refuse. Please refrain to post misleading information.

    Thank you,

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