I had Windows 7 RC installed and I downloaded a version of ZOnealarm Extreme, it seemed to work well then all of a sudden my keyboard would start type from the top down on the keyboard no matter what letter I would hit. (E.g. Keep hitting the 'e' key and I would get `1234567890-=qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm,./ ) Using short cut keys seem to work like ctl-c, ctl-v, shift-insert. If I hold down a key when it is messing up I get the same key repeating it'self.

I just installed Windows 7 Pro, and downloaded the altest version on Zone alarm, ZASPSetup_91_008_000_en.exe and it started doing it again after running for a while.

Before I could shut down zonealarm and it would be back to normal but with the Win 7 Pro, that didn't seem to help.

Anybody have any clues? I just have a regular PS2 keyboard, and I know the KB is not bad as the reboot I had to just do fixed the issue. ALso, I have used this KB on another computer for several hours and never had the issue before.