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Thread: NZ Pro Vista 64 blue screen

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    mrileya Guest

    Default NZ Pro Vista 64 blue screen

    Hi Guys, I'm pretty bloody stuck here. I've got vista64 & zap 9.0.114 and get a blue screen when a large jpeg is displayed in IE.



    I've tried 91.008 - no joy. I know it is za causing the issues because it is a fresh install and the app works before the za install.

    It happens every time i display this page from the local host, but not from a remote web server.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    turbogear Guest

    Default Re: NZ Pro Vista 64 blue screen

    I am also getting BSODs with stop: 0x0000007f under Win7 64bit.
    When I debug using WinDbg it also gives me NETIO.SYS failure.

    But in my case this does not only happen when I open large jpeg files. For me the crashes are random usually it happens when I am connected to my company's local network and I have some mounted network drives.

    I experienced this also with both ZAX v9.0.114.000 and v9.1.008.000.
    The problem disappears when I unistall ZAX.

    I have reported it already to the beta team and I also sent them memory dumps last week.
    I hope they will fix it. I hope the beta team will still look into the bug reports made through the beta bug report system as the beta programs seems to be ended now.

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