I have on my laptop Windows 7 ; I had ZA internet suite on it, and, I wanted to upgrade to ZA Extreme; so I removed ZAIS and start to install ZAE... the resul is as follow:

When installarion program reaches 6 % of installation (copying file GLFF740.xml), the following message appears: "ZoneAlarm Security Suite must be stopped to validate settings for ZoneAlarm Extreme Security upgrade".Then the TrueVector security service sends the following message:"This is asecurity check from the TrueVector security service. Arequest to uninstall upgrade or modify the settings of your security software has been issued. If you did not initiate this request or this is unecxpected behavior, click No. Otherwise, click Yes."
I click "Yes" of course, and the result is a new message from the installer: "The upgrade has been cancelled"; and the installation is really cancelled !!

I tried several install with always the same result, I even try a restore of my system several hours befor the install... and unfortunately that does not work...

Any idea or solution to my case ?

Thanks a lot in advance