I'm running an HP laptop with Vista Ultimate SP2 and the latest version of ZAES

There seems to be a conflict between ForceField and IE8 that causes IE8 to hang when a "new tab" is selected. IE8 opens fine initially, but as soon as a new tab is selected the IE8 freezes, necessitating a forced shutdown in Task Manager.

Interestingly when you reopen IE8 after the forced shutdown ('end task') the ForceField buttons no longer appear and you can happily choose another tab to open.

Similarly if ForceField is turned off, there are no problems with running IE8 - which kinda defeats the purpose!!!

What is also frustrating is that my wife's laptop, which is running Vista Business SP2, works just fine with the same version of ZAES.

Any clues as to a fix would be greatly appreciated. BTW this is an improvement because with the first version of ZAES, IE8 refused to work at all with ForceField on!

Thanks in advance.