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Thread: MSN hotmail logout: requesting MyVault items

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    braab Guest

    Default MSN hotmail logout: requesting MyVault items

    Hi there!

    Today I fed data into myVault. When I then later checked my email (hotmail account) myVault flagged that MSN requested data. This in the first 2 instances were quite understandable. MyVault flagged that MSN requested my (family) name and Hotmail email adress.

    However, what happened next was scary. When I, just to see what would happen, DENIED the sending of these privacy data on log out, myVault flagged MSN requesting PIN data for my on-line bank accounts!!!

    Has anybody else experienced this? Is there a (I hope) reasonable explanation?

    Less dramatic, I also noticed Hotmail requesting your family name when opening/ downloading a mail attachment.

    Thanks for your reply!

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