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Thread: What have I lost.

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    billjf Guest

    Default What have I lost.

    Have asked this before but it seems to have been lost in the post. Installed the new version of ZASS and found I had lost Cache Cleaner, something I used a lot as it cleaned as often as I wanted automatically and it cleaned what I wanted. Came on to this forum to see what I could find out and amongst other things.

    Amongst the replies it was suggested that I looked at a couple of free programs that dealt with malware etc. When I looked at them I found that the free versions didn't give real time protection. So the first question was whether the new ZASS still gave real time virus and malware protection.

    Another comment made in the replies seemed to suggest that the email protection had changed. My next question was to find out if this was so.

    My last, and general, question is what precisely has the new version of ZASS stopped doing that previous versions did so that I can fill the holes.

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    bunnyfugger Guest

    Default Re: What have I lost.

    Hi Bill,

    See here it may help answer your questions....

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    billjf Guest

    Default Re: What have I lost.

    Thanks Bunny but really doesn't answer my question. It tells what "improvements" have been made version by version, but doesn't tell me what functions been left out of the newest version compared to the earlier ones.

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    Default Re: What have I lost.

    if you do not find relevant information on ZA products or features in this board, please contact ZA support directly. Link in my signature. We are all users here, no ZA staff.

    This is a user support forum related to ZA product issues. We do not discuss about other tools or utilities. These type of posts may be removed due to their off topic nature.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.


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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: changes/ evolution

    1- Cache cleaner - cache cleaner is already included in most browsers IE7/8, Firefox, etc. > there are controls, settings where you can clean the cache/ cookies/ history, temp files, etc. by yourself.

    Recommended by most Guru/ Senior members - you can obtain the "free" CCLeaner. (I use this myself - it has more options/ settings and will do extra activities to help clean up pc's.) [and it's simple and very easy to use ]

    Click here >
    2 - Your Anti-Virus in ZA Suite - is the main "real-time" protection which will scan and protect. When it scans it will include virus/ spyware/ adware/ trojans/ risk-ware, etc. It will scan all files executing/ opening - it will scan whenever you open an email, open an attachment, etc. Virtually all anti-virus software today will now include 'spyware' scanning signatures.'

    The following are two "free" AntiSpyware alternatives/ replacement that some of the Guru/ Senior members recommend. This is not an official endorsement from ZoneAlarm; just friendly advice. Most of us here are "freelance volunteer users who are not ZA employees." If you wish there is also paid versions for either - which have 'real-time protecton features.'

    Here are two 'free' AntiSpyware alternatives: Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware. Either will work well with ZA firewalls.

    1 - Click here >
    2 - Click here >
    __________________________________________________ _________
    Ok, there you go. Cache cleaner - was removed in new ZA versions - I've told you of the free cache cleaning abilities already included in your browser and a 'better' third party alternative- free, too.

    Malware/ spyware/ real-time - your anti-virus is the main protection in real-time covering all aspects of your pc activities.

    Privacy controls - were removed - they caused more issues with deny/ access for a good number of ZA users. Nowadays the the browser you use will have some sort of/ similar privacy control features - Firefox has several add-on's that will do the same or even better, IE8 has 'in-private filtering', 'inprivate browsing,' you can make other adjustments with IE, etc.
    __________________________________________________ _______

    "In my view - it can be said that the evolution/ the next level of privacy controls in the browser - for ZA is the use of ForceField and/or Browser Security in ZonealarmExtreme Security.

    Click here and read about it >
    and click here >

    It is in the realm of possiblities, that you may wish to upgrade from ZA Suite to ZA Extreme or add stand-alone ForceField - as this does advance beyond the older/ outdated features. With ForceField= BrowserSecurity/ virtualization on...
    1- simply close the web page - no need for the old privacy controls. All mobile codes, scripts, etc. gone. Tracking cookies gone. Adware - gone.
    2 - clear virtual data is equivalent to cache cleaner
    3 - protects against hidden/ stealthy 'drive-by downloads' of malware - in real time
    __________________________________________________ ______
    NaiveMelody NYC - 10-27-09 - All Star - SmashMouth
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    billjf Guest

    Default Re: What have I lost.

    Thanks fax and naivemelody. Helps a lot. Not too happy about it but at least I know. Again my thanks.


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