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Thread: Private Browsing stopped by ZAX's program settting

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    Default Private Browsing stopped by ZAX's program settting

    So far this is strictly anecdotal, but I suspect it is reproducible by others. Today I noticed that if ZAX's Program Control is set to "Max", and if there is a checkmark in the Custom setting for "Enable Timing Attack Prevention", this will cause the Private Browser tab of Forcefield Toolbar to become inoperable; i.e., private browsing can no longer be accessed. By removing the checkmark from "Enable Timing Attack Prevention", private browsing functionality is restored.

    I'm mentioning this not because I need a solution/workaround (I already figured out the workaround, as above), but only as a reference in case someone else wonders why their private browsing has become inoperable. The presence of the checkmark affected private browsing in both Firefox and IE8.
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    Default Re: Private Browsing stopped by ZAX's program settting

    Yes, and you may also get IE8 or FF not opening at all and receive system errors. It is practically not possible to set advanced program control restrictions in ZAX.This is valid both in VISTA and XP. Haven't tried on WIN7.

    I have reported it during the beta but probably it was not enough. Please also report it. More reports more chance they will look into the issue. Workaround is to UNcheck virtualization in ForceField.


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    Default Re: Private Browsing stopped by ZAX's program settting

    Charles: Could you try to replicate this on one of your PC.Program Control / Main set Program Control MAX.Also Custom / Enable Timing Attack Prevention enable.Then load Firefox or IE8 and try Private Browser.Doesn't work.Just wanted to pass this on.

    Agent: I would need to test this issue and get back to you.

    Charles: OK.Just want to pass it on.If I disable Enable Timing Attack Prevention.It works Thanks and have a good day.

    Agent: Thank you for reporting this issue. Have a good day, Charles

    Like fax stated.More reports more chance they will look into the issue.

    Have a nice Day

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