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Thread: Does the ZASS 8.X 3 user key work for Extreme?

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    scratch Guest

    Default Does the ZASS 8.X 3 user key work for Extreme?

    The FAQs don't speak to this.


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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Does the ZASS 8.X 3 user key work for Extreme? -no

    No. ZA Suite keys will only work with ZA Suite versions; ZA Extreme is 'the next version/level up/ top-of-the-line' and will usually offered to all ZA users for additional charge (unless there is a specific limited time offer).
    Click here to compare versions >
    __________________________________________________ ________
    How to click and paste your info: go to ZA tray icon > and right click icon > see dialogue box - left click "About..." > see pop-up box - click "Copy to Clipboard" and click "OK" > box disappears...

    now when you post a message > right click - see dialogue box with a 'Paste' option > click 'Paste' and there you go.

    ZoneAlarm Pro version:8.0.400.020
    TrueVector version:8.0.400.020
    Driver version:8.0.400.020
    Anti-spyware engine version:
    Anti-spyware signature DAT file version:01.200910.6765
    __________________________________________________ ___
    It is advisable to always list: whenever posting here...

    - your OS - XP SP2/3, Vista SP1/2 , Windows 7 - 32bit or 64 bit OS

    - your ZoneAlarm firewall: ZA Free, ZA Pro, ZA Anti-virus, ZA Suite, ZA Extreme or stand-alone ForceField

    - and the version number of your ZoneAlarm firewall: 7.0483, 7.1, 8.065, 8.0298, 9.0.083, 9.1.008, etc.
    __________________________________________________ _____
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