Hope I am in the right forum.

My OS is Vista Home Premium 64 bit.

I installed "ZoneAlarm Free v" on 16.9.09. Straightforward. No problems.

About 10 days ago, immediately after boot up, I got a "nag screen" "pop up" headed "ZoneAlarm Security Options".

Basically, I am asked if I want to learn more about "ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite". I answer "No Thankyou" and the nag screen disappears.

Next time I start up the comp, the same thing happens.

As mentioned, this only started to happen a few days ago.

Is there any way I can stop this "pop up" popping up or, is it the price I have to pay for using ZA FREE?

I have used various versions of ZA FREE over the last 10 years without this problem.

It is becoming a REAL pain!

Any help would be most appreciated.


Graham Newey