Suppose there are two network cards on a system (NIC#1, NIC#2). One of them (let's say NIC#2) is either not always connected to a switch, or is set to Disabled in Windows' Network Connection.
When you reboot such a system while NIC#2 is not connected or enabled, Zone Alarm will not list it in the Firewall tab (Entry Type: Network). Thus, only one card (NIC#1) will be listed there (i.e. the one that was actually connected/enabled during the reboot). NIC#2 will never get listed there even if you connect/enable it at a later time. Only if you connect it at a later time, and then reboot with both cards connected, they will both be listed there.

And my question is: Does ZA actually provide protection for NIC#2 (in cases when NIC#2 is not listed in ZA)?