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Thread: Renaming Email Attachments

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    dmeszler Guest

    Default Renaming Email Attachments

    I know ZA Pro v9 has removed the inbound email protection service, but it is nevertheless still renaming attachments (e.g., .zip to .zm9). Is there a way to control this (in other words stop the renaming for certain file types)? I'm sure I've overridden this in previous versions, but I cannot find any info (other than the service has been discontinued) or access tabs whatsoever for this version. Thanks for any insights.

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    Default Re: Renaming Email Attachments


    Unfortunately there is no way to access the functions because the code has been removed from our software.

    Why your system is behaving like it is may be because you upgraded from an older version to the latest and your upgrade didn't go well.

    I would suggest you perform an uninstall and then download your specific product from this link where the latest version is:

    Click here to download

    Then reinstall.

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    dmeszler Guest

    Default Re: Renaming Email Attachments

    Okay thanks, I'll try that. I was afraid that was the solution, but it's weird as the quarantine dialogue comes up and everything ("This email attachment is quarantined by Zone Alarm Pro MailSafe ...").

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