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Thread: Slow boot - a suggested solution

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    Default Slow boot - a suggested solution

    Good morning.

    Like many others, I have had start-up problems after installing the v.8 (Free) firewall: typical boot time jumped from approx. 90 seconds to at least 4 minutes of blank desktop, following the "Loading personal settings" notification.

    Shutdown time has also been similarly affected.

    As always, I come to these pages to see what others have experienced, what suggestions have been made, and what causes and solutions have been arrived at.

    There are more than a few posts on this and similar subjects, but few responses - in most cases no replies at all - and no real explanation or solution.

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    (Note: I have a Pro. licence for v.6.1.744, but prefer to use it in "Free" mode".)

    That's my suggested solution, but I will happily entertain any comments or suggestions.


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