Hi there,

I'm having problems accessing a couple of web sites. I originally posted on this thread because it was the same issue, so it's got my original post and my computer and ZASS configuration information:


I searched Google and found instructions for clearing the dns cache which I did several times and still can't access these sites. I used IE7's option to attempt to find the problem and it told me that my firewall (which is ZASS) may be blocking it and to configure my firewall to "allow connections through TCP port 80." I don't have a clue how to do this and the last thing I need to do is make the problem worse by messing up my ZASS. I could not find instructions for how to do this in the ZASS program help files.

I also tried accessing the site via it's IP address, same results. Cleared my browser cache in both IE7 and Firefox 3 (which is set to 50mb) that didn't help either.

Would someone please be kind enough to give me simple to understand instructions for doing this? I'm really getting desperate because at least one of the sites I can't access I *really* need to get to NOW. I can't do my job without access to this site and I'm hoping this is the problem.

Thank you,