I have a Windows XP PC with Zone Alarm Free V8 & connected to a Canon printer. I have Virgin cable 10Mb broadband and recently converted this to wireless. More recently, I bought a Windows 7 laptop with McAfee and connected it wirelessly to the internet without any problems. I am now trying to share files and the printer between the 2 computers. On the laptop, I can view shared files resident on my PC but it only works if I disable ZA. If I try to do it with ZA enabled, I get an error message: "Windows cannot access \\xxx" where xxx = the name of my PC.
I have looked in the Help and on this Forum but I can't find a solution that I understand. I would appreciate some more basic help.
The ZA/Firewall/Zones table has 9 entries as follows (truncated a bit to save typing):
VIA Ethernet Adapter,, Adapter Subnet, Trusted
Netgear WG111 adapter, 192..., Adapter Subnet, Internet
Loopback Adapter,127..., IP Address, Trusted
DNS Server,62..., IP Address, Trusted (This line is repeated 5 times with different IP adresses)
DHCP Server, 62..., IP Address, Trusted.