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Thread: Zone Alarm Forcefield Compatability Issue.

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    Baron Von Rotterdam Guest

    Default Zone Alarm Forcefield Compatability Issue.

    Hello Everyone,

    Recently I bought the Eikon digital fingerprint scanner. The scanner alows you to use it to login to your pc, open specific programs, and fill in your login information for websites that require your credentials. I noticed that with forcefield enabled when I swipe my finger it won't allow the fingerprint software "protector suite" to fill in my username and password. However when I disable Force Field in Zonealarm Extreme Security then the fingerprint reader software will fill in my passwords. So for some reason forcefield is blocking in the input of this information (though firefox password manager works the same way except you use a master password rather than a fingerprint and firefox's password manager works fine). It would be great if Zone Alarm could fix this compatability issue so I can use my fingerprint software and Force Field together.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Forcefield, fingerprint scanner

    Fine-tune ForceField - adjust the anti-keylogger feature; while keeping the core features of ForceField working

    Try this: open ZA Browser Security panel > Settings > (Advanced) > Anti-spyware > ~ "uncheck box of" Block programs that secretly record your keystrokes = anti-keylogger //and to another degree "uncheck box for" 'Always' by clicking on 'Only in allegedly secure sessions.'
    - then restart pc.

    When you try your log-in with a web site/ page - with ForceField on- use a regular 'open browser' not a 'private browser.'

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