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Thread: Run private mode by default

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    warehouse Guest

    Default Run private mode by default

    is it possible to run private mode each time i start IE?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Run private mode by default?, ForceField

    I don't believe there is such an option within ForceField. It will usually open up an 'open browser' initially. The user will have the ultimate option amongst the three to: Open Browser/ Private Browser/ Unprotected Browser - for subsequent web pages/ windows.

    Common scenario: upon start-up of pc...many users will have the 'homepage/ your ISP's ' start with regular 'open browser' = which does keep cookies, history, favorites, bookmarks, etc. = this works out best for most users. The next pages/ windows you want to surf - gives you the option to open any of three types of browser security. Have it your way.

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