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    Is there an easy and safe way to completely clean out the list of programs that are cleared through the firewall (Program Control/Programs)? I mean every entry gone, as if I was starting with a completely new installation of ZoneAlarm. Like clearing cookies and passwords and other private data from a browser. Yes, I really do want to do that. After a few months and a few dozen program installs and updates and upgrades, the program-control list gets so cluttered that I couldn't pick out what's valid from what's invalid if I wanted to. And I want to. I want to occasionally -- say, every three months or so -- force every program on my machine to reapply for Internet access. The way it is right now, a malware could ask for access once, get it because I don't realize what it is, and then it's off and running and I'll never see it again.

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    This pretty much explains all. Depending on 'which version number you have' - I could be telling you use the 'cache cleaner' - but we don't know what you have.
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    I think the user is referring to ZA program control list and not cookies. Use the keyboard shortcut (e.g. SHIFT first/last) to select all ZA program control list and right click on them --> remove. This way all programs will be removed. The list will be recreated as soon as you use the programs.


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