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Thread: ZoneAlarm Extreme Security and problems with alert

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    Default ZoneAlarm Extreme Security and problems with alert

    ZoneAlarm icon on my taskbar is always with alert and looks like this .
    When I'm pointing on it with mouse cursor I see information like this:

    Your anti-virus needs an update: click Check for Updates.

    How to switch of this alert? I don't want to update this anti-virus base because I use Eset nod32 as this kind of protection.

    I'm using XP SP3 with all updates.

    Informations about ZoneAlarm:

    I know then it looks funny but I don't want to see all the time alert like there is some kind of problem in my system.

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm Extreme Security and problems with alert

    Please note that the AV in ZAX, even if disabled, can conflicts with other antivirus solutions since drivers are still loaded in memory.

    ZAX is designed to work in isolation from other overlapping security tools. You may want to move to another security tool or choose a ZA without the antivirus/antispyware, such as ZAPRO.

    The ZA antivirus servers seems down at the moment and you cannot update the AV definitions. This is why you see that "triangle". I don't think there is anyway not to see it.


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