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    I am currently using Windows7 with a cable router. I was told that this has a built-in firewall system and if I use an "installed" firewall that the two would conflict with each other slowing down my PC. Anybody got any suggestions?

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    My router also has a built in firewall. Most all routers do. I run ZASS on my PCs. The two do not cause a conflict or slow-down.

    What people mean is not to run two *software* firewall programs on your PC at the same time. For example, do not run a ZA software firewall and also have the built-in Windows firewall turned on at the same time.

    A firewall in the router hardware causes no problem.

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    A firewall in any consumer grade router will not conflict with our firewall on a PC.

    What will happen is that the firewall on the router will block certain things and you may think ZA is not working because we have nothing to block.

    It can interfere with firewall tests on the Internet because the router will interfere with packets the software firewall will never see.

    A router firewall can only protect you from basic inbound threats and no outbound or threats from websites and viruses.

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