Hi everyone,

ZA removal tool didnít uninstall ZA toolbar completely and consequently IE couldnít download files. Reinstallation of ZAP didnít solve the problem.
Hereís a description of the problem and its solution.

I still would like to know if Check Point and other users are familiar with the problem.

I had an unclean upgrade of ZAP from Ver. 8 to Ver. 9 which caused a minor annoyance: When my Win XP was rebooting I had a few error messages. Once I closed them everything worked fine.

Finally I decided to uninstall and reinstall my ZAP Ver. 9 using the new ZA removal tool and the 9.0.114 installer. After uninstalling and rebooting I tried to reinstall ZAP but got an error message (the installer log file couldnít be opened) and couldnít reinstall. Also, now my IE couldnít download files.

Tech Support Live Chat suggested to install ZAP in safe mode with networking. I was able to install, but IE still couldnít download files. Moreover, although IEís Add-on manager recognized ZA toolbar as an enabled add-on, I couldnít enable it in the menu bar. I suspected that ZA toolbar wasnít uninstalled fully and therefore it couldnít be reinstalled properly. I uninstalled ZAP again using the removal tool, and after that Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs showed that indeed ZA toolbar was still installed.

I uninstalled it using Add/Remove Programs and now my IE could download files. Then I installed ZAPís latest version ( and ZA toolbar was visible and enabled and IE could download files.

I wonder if other users and Check Point are familiar with the problem and know the solution. From my Tech Support Live Chat I suspect that they arenít familiar with it.