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Thread: Batch File not getting through ZA Free - Help Please

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    Default Batch File not getting through ZA Free - Help Please

    Running Vista32 with ZA Free.

    In the past, when the PC starts up, I have a Wake-On-Lan Batch File that starts up automatically where it will issue a command for a second computer to wake up over the network.

    It is now not working when ZA is running. If I close ZA, and I double-click on the batch file, the other PC wakes up as it should. Clearly, ZA is blocking something even though this program has COMPLETE access under Programs in the ZA console.

    The program is essentially a single command line that does this:

    wolcmd MACIDofPC 90

    The IP addresses are the destination of the PC (repeated twice). Port 90 is the port that the wake-on-lan command is issued.

    Again, this works fine when ZA is manually tuned off, but when ZA is back on, nothing.

    Ideas/suggestions are appreciated?

    NOTE: I have another PC but running XP Pro and it works fine with same exact version of ZA Free.
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