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Thread: Security Alert for Forcefield?

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    Default Security Alert for Forcefield?

    I upgraded to the latest version of Zonealarm Pro, which added the Forcefield toolbar to Firefox (3.5.4).

    Now whenever I start Firefox, I have problems. On initial startup, it simply does not start at all, rather the application starts, but does not open the browser. I have to open the Windows taskbar, end the Firefox process and then start it again. At that point I get a browser window and everything is fine.

    However, EVERY time I start Firefox, whether I can get a browser window open or not, I get a ZoneAlarm Security alert. Why? It objects to ISWSVC.exe, which is the Forcefield program, which I find extremely stupid. This is a ZoneAlarm add-on, I should not have to configure ZoneAlarm to accept it's own add-on!

    But I have done this. Or rather, I have tried to do this. I went into program controls and gave the Forcefield program all the rights to the internet, to practically everything. I did the same for the compenent programs. Guess what? I *still* am getting the Security Alert for Forcefield.

    I tried disabling the Forcefield toolbar. This did not get rid of the security alerts either, or fix the first problem with getting Firefox started.

    If that's not enough, I am also getting these alerts on initial boot up of my system, which I tend to keep running at all times because it is the admin computer for our home network. However, occasionally I do have to reboot it. It has also started running very slow.

    This is a Windows XP system with Service Pack 3. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Security Alert for Forcefield?

    please contact ZA technical support directly. Link in my signature.
    Let us know how you solved the problem. You will help other users.


    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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